Cook Book Over 70 family-friendly OAMC recipes tested by Frugal Moms
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Follow these easy once-a-month cooking steps!

Use our meal planner to choose your recipes.

We do the tallying! My Shopping List makes shopping a breeze.

Set aside a day to shop and a day to cook.

Enjoy hot, homemade food with little preparation or cleanup!

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Image Fundraising Events
How many times have you submitted recipes or purchased a recipe book for an organziation's fundraising event? Cook of the Month can help gather your recipes, publish them in a book and the best part: load them into our Meal Planner. More...

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The Cook of the Month Junk Drawer

ImageEverybody has one and we are no exception. We have a utility that can be used for the Palm. Its probably not current, but for those of you who still use it, the information is here.